With the increasing elderly population in our town Bahadın, the Bahadın Aging Foundation performs its care work based on a social, cultural, and scientific basis. The town's population is approximately 2000 and this number increases up to 6000 during summer. It is one of the towns that have a higher immigration rate and due to immigration, our foundation organizes information days for the elderly in various European countries and Turkey. Also develops academic studies and projects on aging with institutions, organizations, and universities in Europe. Our foundation hosts both native and foreign doctoral students for their educational studies. Our head office is affiliated with the Bahadın Aging Foundation and every issue of our journal concerns various topics on aging and is to be followed in European countries as well. Foreign employers provide a vast amount of financial support to our foundation. The Bahadın Elderly Care Center is located in Bahadın, a town in the Sorgun district of Yozgat.``

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